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Welcome to Time and Seasons. We aim to be the internet's largest collection of digital petroliana, railroadiana, breweriana, and, well, almost any other kind of -ana.

From childhood on, I've been a collector of various bits of travel related ephemera. Old highway maps, trip guides, you name it.

The problem is, no matter who you are, you've only got so much space. And so much money. Over time, I've assembled a fairly sizable collection of digitized logos, signs, and so forth--a larger collection than I could maintain if they were all life size, at any rate--and I'm always adding new items.

I'm making the collection available for your use in scale modelling. Create state and federal highway shields from any era, with the any number you want! Find street and highway signs from all eras, as well as signs and logos from fallen flags, old gas stations, and a wide variety of other sources. Eventually we'll be adding licensed logos, as we are able to negotiate agreements.

Right now, this is very much a work in progress. Some of the information and colors are undoubtedly incorrect. Please use the contact form on the sign's page to let me know if we need to make a correction.

Rich Jensen
500 S. Dakota Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


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